Tips to Prepare a Professional Coffee From Home

Only a coffeeholic can do the right justice to a mug full of hot tempting coffee. Though this ultimately delicious beverage is easy to make still its taste is not so common. Making a perfect cup of coffee is no lesser than an art. And to attain it, first, you need to fall head over heels with heavenly good coffee.

Coffee is one beverage which is made with different tastes, proportions, and form. While some love to have its cold version (cold coffee) others go gaga over its hot tempting phase. The mania and varieties of coffee have given rise to a great business option. Resulting, we see countless coffee shops or outlets around us.

Now, for once, you can agree to enjoy your favorite coffee in such coffee corners but visiting regularly and spending your hard earned bucks may someday put you in financial crises. But don’t worry, as they say- if there’s a problem, there’s a solution too. So, making your cup of coffee at home can save you from going out as well as from spending too much on just a coffee.

Thinking how to get that coffee shop taste at home? Well, then you must be making your coffee in a wrong way, all life. Check out these coffee prep hacks that are super cool, ultra easy and surely effective.

  1. Try to get the commercial coffee machine – If you are truly in love with coffee then I believe getting a coffee machine at your home won’t hurt you anyhow. This is the best thing you could do to your mood swings and urge to have the perfect tasting coffee. Such machines are easily available in the market at reasonable prices now.
  1. Go for whole bean coffee – Instead of coffee powder, go for whole bean coffee and then grind it whenever required. This can bring a fresh and different taste in your coffee. Though, these beans may cost you a bit high than the usual coffee powder but then you should not compromise with your taste anyhow.
  1. Beat before mixing it – People often just add coffee powder to milk and stir it. Though, it may get you a cup of coffee ready but won’t bring that real taste. For that, you need to beat the coffee efficiently with a little bit of water and sugar. Make sure to take sugar, coffee, and water in appropriate proportion so to form a thick paste.
  1. Right coffee proportion – If you like strong coffee go a bit high on coffee otherwise keep it 1 tablespoon only (for one cup). The proportion completely depends on your taste.
  1. Water usage – This is where many people go wrong. Never ever use stored water for coffee preparation as it somehow fades away the texture of coffee. Go for fresh water that too in a limited quantity only.



Making restaurant like coffee at home is quite easy, all you need is to look for the right proportion, process, ingredients and you are done.