These 12 Equipment are MUST to Open a Coffee Shop

The mania of coffee is hard to understand. For many coffee lovers, OCD is Obsessive Coffee Disorder whereas it’s actually obsessive compulsive disorder for the remaining.

Having a cup of coffee has become more of a trend than just relieving your mind from stress. According to some informative sources, this has made coffee or tea business a great business idea. A plush location, enticing logo, and a great brand name are not enough to start up your coffee shop. Though these are important elements but other than this, you need the best quality equipment like commercial coffee machines as well.

The list of required equipment may vary, but a series of basic necessities may include-

    1. Espresso machine– To serve a heavenly good mug of coffee, you may need to install an Espresso machine in your coffee shop. Such machines are of great use as you become capable of converting coffee beans into- Cappuccinos, Espresso, Mochas or anything your customer has demanded. This helps you save a lot of bucks & adds to your coffee interiors as well.
    2. Commercial hand dryers– Eventually, your coffee shop is more of a restaurant where you serve beverages. This makes it obvious to get a commercial hand dryer installed for the convenience of customers. Make sure to go for good quality products like- JD Macdonald hand dryers or Autobeam hand dryers, as they are quite durable than other brands.

  1. Espresso or any other coffee grinder– The secret to bringing a fresh & unique taste to your coffee is grinding the coffee beans freshly. This allows you to add different flavors or ingredients to make coffee an identity of your shop. See more cafe equipment.
  2. Coffee brewer or air pot– To keep coffee hot for longer, you may need the best quality coffee brewer and air pots. Before investing in such equipment, see if it is made of stainless steel or not.
  3. Toasters or sandwich makers– The idea of running a coffee shop is not limited to serving multiple numbers of coffee types, but to make it more interesting & enticing, go for complementing beverages that are healthy yet tasty. One big suggestion is sandwiches or toasts. For that, you need toasters and sandwich makers which are easily available in the market at affordable prices.
  4. Oven– Not only toasts & sandwich but brownie or pastries may successfully allure customers toward your coffee shop. So, bring an oven to bake all these chocolaty items.
  5. Refrigerator– Bring a refrigerator to store the leftover raw material or coffee beans. Checking the size of the refrigerator according to your requirements is always wise.
  6. Hot water dispenser– Undoubtedly, coffee machines do have a water boiler embedded inside but to have ample amount of hot water, get a dispenser that’ll help you store more water.
  7. Ice machines– Ice is required in more than half of the items mentioned in your menu card. So, getting an ice machine is the right choice. To get it fixed under your counter, consult any restaurant interior designing platform like- café fit out that may help you in getting it installed at a perfect place.
  8. Electronic dish display case– Get a dish display case where you can keep your best beverages to let your customers opt for anything easily.
  9. Dishwasher– Obviously, it’s not easy to clean all the mess manually. So, it’s better to get a dishwasher installed.
  10. Order & price calculator– To make orders clear for the customer instantly, gets a calculator that may help you write the order and calculate the price simultaneously.

So, forget to make huge investments and try to arrange these necessities and bang on with a skyrocketing start of your coffee shop.

Hope you do well!