How To Choose A Cafe Name

Tips when choosing a name for a cafe

Now you have what it takes to start a small or local coffee shop: solemn barista skills, recipes for a bunch of amazing beverages, and the knowledge to whip up some enjoyable eats.

That is all fine and necessary, but then what are you going to give a name to your cafe? Just take a big pot of coffee for this one because this is going to call for your attention.

If you gaze around at all of the popular coffee shops and you will find that a many of them have great names. Just like in any other type of business, pick out a name that is both exclusive and catchy is a significant part of the business-planning process. If you want an onlooker to walk in really, then think about a good name to make it happen.

In choosing a café name, few things are to be considered.

Here are few things you should consider:

  • Make it simple. Pick a name that is simple, short and sweet. Try as much as you can to avoid cafe names that are hard for the average Tom to say or spell out. If you want them to be able to remember your shop rather than settle for the next chain coffee shop, then make it simple.
  • Look to your line of beverages and treats. Get creativeness, possibly at the deepest of a cup of coffee or two Espresso, Latte, and Mocha you are brewing with a professional commercial coffee machine. All sounds good in a name, particularly to somebody yearning for a cup.
  • How about using your name? If your name is Fred, celebrate with a shot of Latte! Latte Fred’s sounds nice! Even if your name isn’t Fred, it will add personality and identity to your cafe’s name.
  • Consider using your location. Locality plays a big part in the success of your cafe shop, so why not highlight it in your shop’s name? Bronxville Mocha, Ridgewood Java. There are just a few instances to get the juices (or should I say coffee) flowing!
  • Use adjectives. Using a coffee drink or tasty treat in the name? Attempt adding different adjectives (sweet, hot, homemade, etc.) to see what flows nicely together.
  • Use the theme. If your cafe will have a theme, incorporate it into the name if possible.
  • Think of your clients. Are you trying to gear your cafe toward a certain crowd of people? If this is the case, keep this in mind when considering Cafe names. Youths aren’t likely to frequent a cafe called “Old whatever’s Coffee.”

Get Ideas from Others

After creating a very long list of thinkable names (it is okay to list some that seem insane or outrageous, as this list will be pointed down, and after reading these outrageous ones a few times over, they may grow on you), give the list to close family members and friends and have them pick the names they like. This will give you an idea of what names will give your cafe that frontline call, the kind of appeal that can make all the difference. When setting up your cafe, don’t forget your supplies you may need, for example: commercial ice cream machine, baking equipment, coffee grinder and more.